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David Agnew at sigining ceremony

Forging new links with India

President David Agnew started the year by forging new academic partnerships in India, providing opportunities for student and faculty exchanges, joint programs and applied research projects.

In New Delhi, he visited EMPI Business School to sign a memorandum of understanding (shown above) to develop a joint post-graduate program in social media and business. It would allow qualified MBA and post graduate students from EMPI to study Seneca's Social Media graduate certificate program in their second year. The partnership with EMPI may expand in future to include other disciplines of interest to both parties and create a joint centre of learning that could focus on finding solutions for local businesses in India and Canada. Media Release

In Pune, the President expanded on Seneca’s partnership with the College of Engineering Pune (COEP) and signed a letter of intent with IIT Alumni Canada to collaborate on entrepreneurship development activities. In 2013, Seneca agreed to collaborate with COEP for faculty and student exchanges, applied research and joint seminars and conferences. Since then, faculty from COEP have visited Seneca twice to deliver a seminar on entrepreneurship in engineering colleges and to attend our annual open source symposium. This visit deepened our relationship with COEP and opened the door for more opportunities for collaboration in the area of entrepreneurship.

The letter of intent between Seneca and IIT Alumni Canada engages the two organizations to work collaboratively to facilitate partnerships and linkages between Seneca and Indian educational institutions while promoting Seneca programs among Indian Diaspora. Media Release

The trip received media attention in several Indian papers, including ncluding The Hindu,, The Times of India and digitalLEARNING.

Seneca also has collaborations with the Pandeep Deendayal Petroleum University (PDPU) in Gandhinagar, the Mangalam Group in Kerala and the Government of Gujarat.

One of the most internationally diverse postsecondary institutions in Canada, Seneca welcomes more than 1,000 students from India each year to study across a broad range of programs.