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MILE students in Turkey


"The MILE program gives Seneca students the unique opportunity to connect with, understand and be inspired by global civilizations, cultures, ideas, and traditions. It's an amazing way to gain deeper perspective on the world beyond campus, and it's an experience you won't soon forget. Join us!"
Professor Adrian Ciani, Ph.D.
School of English and Liberal Studies

"The Caribbean mile was the opportunity of a lifetime. We learned the unique history and culture of three islands, and the unique business practices in each of them. In one week we were transformed from students into capable business personnel. This course gave me the confidence I need to believe that I will succeed in the business world, at home and abroad."
Kisha Nicole Bolton
Caribbean MILE student

“Seneca MILE courses have changed me. I no longer sit back to learn, I jump in. A mobile learning experience becomes my story, not just what I study. I have been so fortunate to plan, facilitate and attend incredible mobile learning experiences for students. It is my dream that all Seneca students will have the transformative experience of a MILE in the course of their studies.”
Professor Jane Forbes, B.Comm, M.Ed.
Retired Seneca professor and former MILE student

“The Ottawa MILE gave us the opportunity to meet and create bonds with students and with my professor. The experience of going to the parliament during the day and watch how they were discussing about current events was amazing. There is no better way to get to know the Canadian capital than on the Ottawa MILE.”
Fernando Fontana
Ottawa MILE student