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Frequently Asked Questions for Students

Negotiations continue between Ontario's colleges and its faculty. The faculty bargaining unit consists of full-time faculty, librarians and counsellors, as well as partial-load faculty (those who teach more than six, and up to, and including 12 hours per week on a regular basis).

It is hoped that both parties will successfully negotiate a new contract before the contract deadline of Saturday, Sept. 30.

Questions and Answers

Will there be a strike?
The parties continue to negotiate and look for a mutually agreeable settlement. We remain hopeful that both parties will successfully negotiate a new contract.

If there is a strike, when will it happen?
If negotiations are unsuccessful by the end of the current contract on Saturday, Sept. 30, the union will be in a legal position to call a strike; however, it is required to provide a five-day notice before a strike would start.

What happens to my year if there is a strike?
No matter what happens, we will ensure that students will have the opportunity to complete their year of studies. No Ontario college student has ever lost a year because of a strike.