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Peggy Pitawanakwat, Co-ordinator, First Peoples@Seneca
Peggy Pitawanakwat, Co-ordinator, First Peoples@Seneca, speaks at the exhibit's opening ceremony.

June 20, 2018

In support of National Aboriginal Solidarity Day, First Peoples@Seneca and Seneca Libraries collaborated on an Indigenous Languages Exhibit, which is on display in the Minkler Atrium at Newnham Campus until tomorrow.

Here are five things to learn at the exhibit:

1. More people speak Cree than any other Aboriginal language.

 Aboriginal language

2. Inuit language is spoken from the Bering Strait to Greenland.

3. Inuit language in Canada can be divided into two main dialects.

Inuit dialect

4. Cree is polysynthetic — a Cree single word can express complex ideas.

cree is polysynthetic

5. Oral storytelling is tradition.

oral storytelling is tradition