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Tricia Maggiacomo, Administrative Assistance to the Dean, gives students directions at Newnham campus
Tricia Maggiacomo, Administrative Assistance to the Dean, Faculty of Continuing Education and Training, gives students directions at "the junction" at Newnham Campus during Orientation.

Jan. 18, 2018

It’s unofficially called “the junction”—the high-traffic area between the Computing Commons and The Boutique at Newnham Campus. And each semester during Orientation, it is one of the hot spots where employee ambassadors station themselves to welcome students and answer their questions.

Tricia Maggiacomo is one of the ambassadors helping out at the junction this week. The Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Faculty of Continuing Education and Training, has been an ambassador for five years and is known to go above and beyond for students requiring assistance on their first day at Seneca. A few years ago, when an international student needed to get to Jane Campus from Newnham, Tricia arranged a ride for him.

“We realized there was no campus shuttle to Jane and he didn’t want to miss his first day of class at Seneca,” she recalls. “I think he was glad that I offered to help him. He looked at me like a mom.”

Another time, a new student asked if the campus had a prayer room. “I said, ‘I don’t know, but let’s find out together,’” Tricia says. “I ended up taking her there and thanking her for asking the question, because that was something I hadn’t known before.”

As part of Orientation, welcome tables are set up at each of the main campuses with employee and student ambassadors on hand to greet new students, guide them to the various supports and resources available, and provide directions and tours.

For Jenni Prodanovic, a Student Conduct Officer who began working at Seneca in 1994, helping out during Orientation is something she looks for in her email twice a year.

“I enjoy it,” she says. “I don’t often interact with students unless there’s some form of conflict, so this is very rewarding for me.”

Jenni Prodanovic, Student Conduct Officer
Jenni Prodanovic, Student Conduct Officer, shows Sureewan Srilakool, first-year Flight Services student, the campus shuttle pickup location.

Jenni has been an Orientation ambassador for 12 years.

“Many new students are fresh and excited, and at the same time confused and nervous and anxious,” she says. “I love the fact that I can be that welcoming face that is their first exposure to Seneca and put them at ease.”

Students arriving at Markham Campus
Students arriving at Markham Campus are greeted by Patrick Chiu (centre), a Tourism grad and Custodian at Seneca, and Philip Youk, Digital Content Co-ordinator.