Seneca News

Sept. 18, 2017

A robotics platform that has been in development for years is one step closer to being mass-marketed thanks to two Seneca students who built a web application for it.

Jiel Selmani and Eric Schvartzman, both third-year Software Development students, completed a four-month internship at CrossWing, Inc. to create an interface for the robotics company’s virtualME, a patent-pending interactive personal robot. virtualMe is designed to assist clients in fields such as teleprescence, security and health monitoring.

During their time at CrossWing, Jiel and Eric were tasked to create a modern web application easy enough for any user to control. It had to interface with a VirtualME robot so it can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world with the correct user privileges.

Utilizing what they learned in class, Jiel and Eric developed a plan and pitched their idea to the company’s CEO. They then built, completed and released a stable working version of their project, which featured cross-browser compatibility and allowed for audio-video calls among remote users and robot clients.

To learn more about Jiel and Eric’s project at CrossWing, watch this video they created.