Seneca News

Caroline Grammer, Tova Houpt, Elaine Beemer, and Alison Drenikow

July 16, 2020

Veterinary Assistant students Stephanie Oliveira (left) and Shannon Leighton returned to the Animal Health Centre at King Campus this week for rodent handling. They were assisted by Lentil (left) and Cheeto, two hooded rats adopted by Maria May, Dean of the Faculty of Applied Arts & Health Sciences. Lentil and Cheeto, along with Angela the hamster and Stacey and Darcey, two newly arrived mice, are lending a hand to help students complete their courses and programs this summer.

At Newnham Campus, Pre-Service Firefighter students returned to the Fire Training Centre on Monday. The class worked on an auto extrication exercise simulating removing someone trapped inside a damaged car.

These students, who were scheduled to graduate from the winter 2020 term, are among the first of about 80 students coming back to campus to finish their practical program components since Seneca went virtual in March.