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Public Relations dialogue 5

Aug. 13, 2020

Opticianry students returned to Newnham Campus to get their eyes checked and studies back on track last week. Prior to the pandemic, students were fitted for contacts and returned to campus for a follow-up exam during their Contact Lens Lab II course. With the help of a keratometer, Gabi Bragues measured Sonny May’s cornea (left), while Soroush Sadeghi inserted soft contact lenses on classmate Zolzaya Byambadorj. Students from the Faculty of Continuing Education & Training and the School of Aviation also returned to campus last week as part of the Return to Campus pilot.

Beginning next week, students from the School of Electronics & Mechanical Engineering Technology and the School of Health Sciences will be returning to campus. The returning students are completing hands-on classroom activities required to advance to the next semester of their programs.