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Seneca collaborates with AGO to showcase art in virtual reality

First-of-its-kind exhibit allows viewers to walk through 500-year-old art

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Seneca’s School of Creative Arts and Animation has teamed up with the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) and the Canadian Film Centre Media Labs to showcase Small Wonders: The VR Experience at the AGO, the first virtual reality art exhibit of its kind.

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The exhibit features miniature, globe-shaped prayer beads made in Northern Europe during the early 1500s. The tiny masterpieces contain intricate details and layering, barely visible to the naked eye, that inspire viewers to question how they could have been made.

Through Professor Priam Givord’s direction, Animation graduates, Craig Alguire and Morgan Young, created scans and processed images of the miniatures to develop the experience. As shown below, viewers can explore the intricate carvings of the beads from various angles and in detail, offering insight into the cultural significance of these works of art.

The exhibit is live at the AGO until Sunday, Jan. 22.

vr at ago