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Seneca’s Animation Arts Centre


Seneca’s award-winning Animation Arts Centre teaches 2D and 3D animation, game art and design and visual effects for film and television.

It also partners with leading animators, like Oscar®-winner Chris Landreth, to work on their latest projects. Partners working with the Centre benefit from the use of Seneca’s state-of-the-art facilities and the involvement of expert faculty members who play vital roles in these productions.

They also gain access to Seneca students, the best and brightest up-and-coming animators, who gain invaluable career experience on these projects.

Landreth’s latest film, Subconsicous Password, marks the third time he has worked with the Centre and its Summer Animation Institute. The first film was Ryan, in 2004, which received the Oscar® for Best Animated Short Film, followed by The Spine in 2009.

“With the success of the film Ryan — which was the first partnered production with Chris Landreth and the National Film Board and Copperheart Entertainment — it established Seneca’s success early on as a training leader,” said Mark Jones, Seneca’s Chair of Creative Arts and Animation and one of Subconscious Password‘s Executive Producers.

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Summer Animation Institute

The Seneca Summer Animation Institute moves beyond classroom instruction, and has placed graduating students, with the guidance of faculty, on a variety of productions. It’s a model based on the success of Ryan.

“We took students who had just completed their formal training and moved them into a real-world production environment here on campus, and the fact that film went on to win Best Animated Short at the Oscars® in 2005 was a testament to us that we were doing something right,” said Jones.

For Subconscious Password, the majority of the film was produced at Seneca with three students also working from the National Film Board’s office in Montreal. This required that each of the partners break new ground together, including pipeline management and file transfer across two remote locations; networked render file management; and stereoscopic production. The production pipeline was built reflecting an agile development model of production execution. Subconscious Password is the first Stereoscopic 3D film for Landreth and Seneca.

“These films that we bring in are an opportunity for students to work on something that they wouldn’t normally get straight out of school, even in their first job in a production facility," said Sean Craig, a Seneca 3D Animation Professor and Program Co-ordinator who also served as Animation Director on Subconscious Password. “When we say we’ve got a film in like this everyone’s really excited and we’re always oversubscribed with the people who want to participate.”

  • Institute Filmography
    Chris Landreth (NFB 2004)
    The Spine

    Chris Landreth (NFB 2008)
    Drawing from Life
    Katerina Cizek (NFB 2008)

    Rob Silvestri (Arc Productions 2010)
    In Search of Blind Joe Death
    (Tamarak Productions 2013)

Students who’ve taken part in previous Institutes say it was an important part of their career preparation:

“It was a really amazing experience especially coming right out of school. It was very intense, there was always something new to learn.”

Alice Ho, Seneca Graduate, Texturing & Lighting/Compositing

“I can’t say the Summer Institute felt like it was school – it felt like it was work. Seneca was a really good learning opportunity for me and coming out of it I felt ready to work.”

Brandon Tasker, Seneca Graduate, Animator/TD/Visual Effects

“There was a lot of flexibility on the project, you were able to pitch your own ideas you were able to do things a certain way and he would actually listen and give you that freedom of choice.”

Nevil Sidwha, Seneca Graduate, Animator/TD/Visual Effects

More information is available about programs in Seneca’s Faculty of Communication, Art and Design which includes Art, Animation & Design, Fashion & Esthetics, and Media & Communications.