Now that you have been out working for a few years, are you considering a degree? It’s not too late.

In most cases, you can still obtain transfer credit for your diploma from Seneca.

Check out our Degree Transfer Guide to see what pathways may be available for you. Please note that the amount of transfer credit specified may be based on current course curriculum. For students whose programs have changed, admission and transfer credits are assessed by the receiving institution on an individual basis.

Tell us your success story

If you are a former Seneca student who has transferred to a university or college to pursue a degree, we want to hear from you.

Fill us in on the following for the chance to be featured on our website:

  • Your Seneca program and year of graduation
  • Which institutions and degrees you applied to
  • Where you received admission
  • How much transfer credit you received
  • Future education plans
  • Thoughts about the programs and transfer process

Please email your success story to us.

Questions about your education options after Seneca?

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