Please visit Seneca’s Degree Transfer Guide and select your program to review what options exist.

Admission requirements vary by program. Please visit the institution’s website and check admission requirements for each program you are interested in. Most programs require a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0.

Some institutions require applicants to submit high school marks. However, most institutions will base their admission decision on your marks at Seneca.

Institutions have different deadlines. There may even be different deadlines between programs within an institution. In addition, there are sometimes different deadlines for different types of students; you will need to check the deadline for transfer students. Visit an institution’s website to confirm deadlines.

If you are applying to a university in Ontario, you will apply using the 105 application through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre.

If you are applying to a college in Ontario, you will apply using the Ontario Colleges website.

If you are a current Seneca student or recent graduate (within the last semester), complete a Diploma to Seneca Degree –Pathways Transfer form

If you are applying to an institution outside of Ontario, please consult the institution’s website for application information or contact the Academic Pathways team for agencies that assist students with applications in the UK, Ireland, or Australia.

Please visit the Seneca diploma to Seneca degree page to review what pathways exist and for instructions on how to apply.

You are eligible to apply to any program as long as you meet its admission requirements. The receiving institution will evaluate your application for transfer credits after you have applied and been admitted to their program. In the meantime, if you have a list of courses you would like to transfer to another college or university, you can search for course transfers on ONTransfer.ca, an unofficial guide to how courses transfer from one institution to another in Ontario.

Many of the pathway agreements listed in our Degree Transfer Guide are based on Seneca program completion. Whether or not you are eligible to apply to a program at another institution without completing your Seneca program depends on the receiving institution’s admission requirements. Please check the website of the program you are interested in and if you are unsure, feel free to contact us.

You may be eligible for admission and transfer credit. Once you apply, the receiving institution will most likely assess your application on an individual basis.

In most cases, you can still obtain transfer credits for your diploma from Seneca. Check out our Degree Transfer Guide to see what pathways may be available for you. Some agreements in the Degree Transfer Guide may be such that the amount of transfer credit granted is based on current course curriculum may. For students whose programs have changed, admission and transfer credits are assessed by the receiving institution on an individual basis.

For instructions on ordering an official Seneca transcript, please visit the Office of the Registrar’s Transcripts page.

If you are applying to a university through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) or a college through Ontario Colleges, you will request a transcript to be sent to the receiving institution during the application process.

If you are still enrolled in courses at the time you apply, you need to request a transcript to be sent immediately as well as when your grades for that semester become available.

Please visit our Online Appointment Booking System, and select “Register for an account,” fill in your information and click “Register.” From the drop-down menu in the upper middle part of the page, select your campus. The white spots represent available appointments, which you can select to book an appointment.

A degree transfer adviser is able to help you explore and assess your pathway options, verify admission requirements and assist you with the application process.

Feel free to email us or call us at 416.491.5050, ext. 26464. We also offer quick drop-in consultations on Fridays at Newnham Campus and an appointment is not required. Please give us a call in advance to confirm availability and hours.

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