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Graduate Studies

Seneca honours bachelors degree graduates are eligible to apply to master’s level studies provided they meet all outlined admission requirements. After completion of your undergraduate degree, a master’s (graduate) degree generally requires at least one year of full-time studies, including a thesis developed through original research, practicum or research paper once an undergraduate degree has been completed.

Note: Depending on the institution and admission requirements, certain MBA programs recommend that candidates have at least two years of work experience before applying.

Seneca honours bachelors degree graduates are also eligible to apply to one of Seneca’s graduate certificate programs. A graduate certificate requires the completion of two semesters (or one year) of full-time study and builds on the knowledge and experience gained through previous postsecondary studies.

Students considering master’s or graduate studies are encouraged to contact the Degree and Credit Transfer Office for assistance and guidance.

Professional education options

The Degree and Credit Transfer Office also supports those wishing to pursue a professional education option such as a Bachelor of Education or a law degree.

The Degree and Credit Transfer Office provides workshops, advisement appointments, resources, and events with partner institutions to support students interested in further education.

Questions about your education options after Seneca?

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