Why did you choose Seneca?

I chose Seneca because of the quality of education it is known to provide students. My decision was made after I visited a student forum online. One of the comments I read was, “going to an easy college will not help you in the future, therefore go to Seneca which will fully prepare you for University success.”


How would you describe your experience at Seneca?

My experience at Seneca was great in many ways. It was difficult at the beginning which can be expected anytime you find yourself in a new setting. Things that stand out in my memory: the professors treated me and my peers with great respect. Also, being a student at Seneca presented me with different opportunities but most importantly, my Student Adviser helped to make my transition to university very easy.


What influenced your decision to continue your education after completing your diploma?

I decided to further my education because I knew that it would take me one step closer to my dream job. I aspire to become a professor and writer.


How did your Seneca program prepare you for your degree program?

The Liberal Arts program helped to set me up for success in my current program. At Seneca, I was taught the critical thinking skills needed for academic reading and writing – an important building block to succeed in an arts degree program. I have peers in university who do not have this same experience or knowledge because they were admitted directly from high school. Many of my current classmates have told me that they wish that they had done at least one year at college so they could have acquired applied/practical skills.


What are you up to now?

I am currently studying at Trent University, pursuing a joint major in English Literature and History and two minors (French and Creative Writing).


From experience, what do you think the value of having both a diploma and a degree?

I believe having both credentials will demonstrate that I have acquired both applied/practical skills

and theoretical knowledge. It is an edge which I think will be valued by employers.


Any words of advice to students who are currently in the program you graduated out of at Seneca?

And considering transferring to a degree program?

First of all, when starting a program, make sure you seek out opportunities that will help bring success.

Second of all, do not be afraid to drop a course if you think it will help you to better balance responsibilities. You can always pick it back up when you are able and this way you don’t risk hurting your GPA, which is important to maintain in order to transfer to university.

Thirdly, if your personal life interferes with your academic success, seek support. Speak with your

professors as they are all understanding. Lastly, no matter your personal situation, remain focused

on your end goal.