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Omid Najari Moghadam

Is this the next Twitter

Software Development student Omid Najari Moghadam is talking, and he thinks people will want to listen.

His new social media site, called Voisak, is just like Twitter except you don’t to have to type your messages. Just talk. Voisak will then upload a spoken message from your phone — up to 30 seconds — and share it with the world.

“I’m so excited about this,” Omid says. “I’m getting a lot of good feedback, which is encouraging.”

Voisak officially launched in late January and already has more than 1,000 engaged users. Omid came up with the idea last year and spent three months developing the website and accompanying app, which is available and can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store for free.

Omid learned how to get applications developed in Seneca’s Foundations of Apple Development course. The 14-week course — developed by Professor Peter McIntyre — teaches students how to write programs for the iPhone and iPod Touch using Apple’s programming language, called Objective – C. By the end of the course, students gain the skills and knowledge to develop their own apps.

No surprise, Omid had the honour of being the first student from Peter’s class to have an app sold on Apple’s App Store. His mind puzzle game — Squaree — was released shortly after he finished the course. Since then, he has created six other apps for the iPhone and iPad.

“I didn’t really make that much money from Squaree,” Omid says. “But it was a great experience for me and I learned a lot.”

Omid has one semester left before he graduates from Seneca. He is currently working as a developer for a company on a part-time basis, where he is creating a variety of engineering apps.

All of his spare time, however, is spent improving Voisak and talking it up every chance he gets.

Seneca’s Software Development program is a four-year degree that focuses on creating knowledgeable software developers who are proficient in the technical details of computer technology, and have the soft skills to integrate information technology into the business environment. Graduates go on to careers such as business systems analysts, business technology designers, client/server application developers, database application specialists, Internet designers and developers, information security analysts, project managers, software engineers, and system software programmers.