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Discover Seneca Microcredentials

Upskill or reskill in less than 12 months. 

Microcredentials at Seneca are career- and profession-based short programs that focus on skills and competency; earned to add value to existing education. A microcredential is an ideal way to upskill or reskill in less than 12 months. Earn digital badges to recognize and validate specific skills and competencies that are valued by industry. Seneca offers a variety of microcredentials in different areas of study with many in development. 

Digital badges

Completion of a microcredential can earn you a digital badge. Digital badges offer you a way to display industry-recognized, employment-focused credentials. Seneca issues open digital badges that can be verified to show who earned the badge, how it was earned, who issued it and evidence of work. Badges can be displayed on résumés/CVs, e-portfolios and social media sites, making it easy for aspiring professionals and prospective employers. 


Microcredential Programs