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Advanced Manufacturing & Systems Automation

The field of advanced manufacturing and automation is one of the fastest and largest growing sectors in Ontario. This field includes the disciplines of mechanical engineering, electronics engineering and advanced automation. Seneca is a leader in this evolving area, having established Ontario’s first mechatronics simulation and demonstration centre by incorporating emerging technologies with industry experts


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Tom Murad

“My Seneca program provided the experience and education necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving manufacturing industry. From 3D digitizing, inspection and reverse engineering to its polar opposite in 3D additive manufacturing, exposure to a variety of advancing technologies is my key to success in a field disrupted by automation and AIpowered technologies.”

Stephen Chan
CCMXYZ, Research and Development (Graduate, Mechanical Engineering Technology - Industrial Design)


“We apply so much of what we learned at Seneca on these projects. We work with conventional machines such as mills and lathes to make parts and to fix gear, but we also use the design and manufacturing principles we learned to create our custom projects on set.”

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Fabrizio and Stefano Beninati
Graduates, Mechanical Engineering Technician (Tool Design)

Tom Murad

“As a graduate of the ECT program, I was well prepared to enter the workforce with the practical and interpersonal skills needed to be successful. I wanted to help future technicians and technologists have the same great educational experience that I had so I joined the faculty. I’m now privileged with being part of a new generation’s professional and personal growth.”

Aggie Stopka
Instructor, School of Electronics & Mechanical Engineering Technology, Seneca (Graduate, Computer Engineering Technology)