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Nursing(Collaborative with York University)


Program Learning Outcomes

As a graduate, you will be prepared to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  • Be accountable to the public and practice within the professional standards of nursing.
  • Enhance health and healing through synthesizing knowledge from nursing and other disciplines in understanding the lived experience of clients.
  • Participate in the ongoing transformation and humanization of health care by incorporating multiple ways of knowing, evidence-informed care and critical-reflective practice.
  • Commit to excellence in professional practice through lifelong learning.
  • Establish and maintain collaborative relationships within nursing, the interprofessional team and the community.
  • Demonstrate leadership for the advancement of the nursing profession in all domains of practice.
  • Advocate for and support healthy organizational and public policy to promote health of individuals, families, groups, communities and global populations.
  • Provide culturally sensitive nursing care that honours human dignity, respects diversity, and embraces different ways of being.