Honours Bachelor of Commerce - Business Technology Management

Program Learning Outcomes

As a graduate, you will be prepared to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  • Analyze business problems and make ethically sound strategic decisions enabled by Information Technology (IT).
  • Manage a business technology project within a cross-functional and multi-disciplinary team by applying project management principles.
  • Adopt operations management principles and information technology to improve efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.
  • Propose strategic and operational solutions by applying principles of management accounting and financial analysis.
  • Build information technology solutions that automate and support business processes.
  • Model ethical, legal and professional codes of conduct of the Canadian business environment and global marketplace.
  • Design data solutions to support business operations, strategic decision making and business planning to improve organizational performance and ensure adequate risk management.
  • Evaluate organizational structures and management processes, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises, to improve organizational performance.
  • Provide direction about the opportunities for the integration of technology, commerce and marketing to support innovative digital business models.
  • Apply interpersonal, team building and leadership skills required for dynamic business environments.
  • Communicate information and ideas to persuade an audience using the most suitable medium and mode for the message.