4 Semesters (2 Years)
Credential Awarded
Ontario Graduate Certificate


Semester 1
CIS660 Communication Skills IT Professionals
DBS610 Introduction to Database Systems
NWK680 Introduction to Networks
OSL640 Introduction to Open Source Systems
OSM620 Fundamentals of Microsoft Systems
PRG600 Programming Fundamentals
Semester 2
DBS710 Advanced Database Design
NWK780 Traditional Networks
OSL740 Administration of Open Source Systems
OSM720 Administration of Microsoft Systems
PMC700 IT Project Management, Fundamentals, Tools and Techniques
WEB700 Web Programming
Semester 3
LDM860 Leadership for Managers
OSL840 Advanced Administration of Open Systems
OSM820 Advanced Administration of Microsoft Systems
PRG800 Programming Project
QAT810 Quality Assurance and Troubleshoot
SEC835 Security in Databases and Web Applications
WTP100 Work Term Preparation (Work-Integrated Learning option only)
Work-Integrated Learning Term
BTT441 Business Information Technology, Work Term (Work-Integrated Learning option only)
Semester 4
ADM950 Enterprise Project
DBS900 Assessing Big Data
LPE945 Law and Ethics
SEC935 Security Operations and Administration
SOA915 Service Oriented Architecture
TPA905 Technology Planning and Acquisition