2 Semesters (1 Year)
Credential Awarded
Ontario College Graduate Certificate

About the Program

This one-year certificate program, you will learn research design concepts, analysis and the quality assurance required for daily operations in the clinical research field. You will examine clinical studies across the pharmaceutical, medical device and natural health product sectors that give the competitive edge required in this dynamic industry. In this hands-on program, you will work alongside industry professionals and develop a network of contacts ahead of graduation.


Throughout this program you will develop the following skills:

  • Conduct research design concepts
  • Analysis and quality assurance of daily operations in clinical trials development process for products such as drugs, medical devices, biopharmaceuticals and natural health products
  • Identify the roles and responsibilities of the different positions within the clinical research processes
  • Learn to incorporate ethical practices


Work Experience

Optional Work Term

Students meeting all academic requirements may have the opportunity to complete an optional work term(s) in a formal work environment. The work term(s) is similar in length to an academic semester and typically involves full-time work hours that may be paid or unpaid. In programs with limited work term opportunities, additional academic requirements and a passing grade on a communication assessment may be required for eligibility. Eligibility for participation does not guarantee a work position will be secured. Additional fees are required for those participating in the optional work term stream regardless of success in securing a work position.

Your Career

When you graduate from this program, these are the types of career options that you can explore:

  • Clinical research assistant
  • Clinical research associate
  • Clinical records associate
  • Clinical trials monitor

Affiliations and Associations

  • Clinical Research Association of Canada (CRAC)
  • Network of Networks (N2)
  • Consortium of Academic Programs in Clinical Research (CoAPCR)
  • Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP)