4 Semesters (2 Years)
Credential Awarded
Graduate Certificate


Semester 1
GBD110 Services Marketing
GBD130 Global Business Communications, Ethics and CSR
GBM125 Economics in Global Business Management
GSL275 Leading Global Business
IBS801 International Banking and Finance
MGM721 Seminar in Decision Theory
Semester 2
GBD205 Data Analytics and Finance
GSL225 Leadership in Change Management
HRM701 Introduction to Human Resources Management
IBS630 Trade Research and Market Analysis
IBS850 Legal Environment of International Business
OPR725 Project Management
Semester 3
CAP510 Global Business Management: Career Planning
GBD160 Integrated Project / Field Work I
GBD220 Global Procurement Management
GBD225 Global Investment
GOM240 Strategic Management of Customer Relationships
GSL200 Competitive Global Business Strategies
Semester 4
GBD210 Global Sales Management Strategies
GBD230 Asset Planning Management
GBD250 Integrated Project II / Field Work II
GBM420 Global Marketing Strategy
GSL300 New Venture Creation and Innovation
GSL350 Leadership in Responsible and Sustainable Management