4 Semesters (2 Years)
Credential Awarded
Ontario College Diploma


Delivery: At Seneca, courses are delivered in the following formats: online, in-person, hybrid (an online, in-person combination) or flexible (offered in-person and online at the same time).

The chart below outlines the delivery options available for each course in this program. For some academic terms, there may be more than one delivery option available. You’ll be able to select your preferred options when building your course schedule during open enrolment.

Preferences  for course delivery will be considered on a first come, first served basis.

International students: the impact of studying from outside of Canada and Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) eligibility differs significantly based on when you start your program. Please review the PGWP eligibility before choosing your program and course delivery.


Semester 1

Course Code Course Name Winter Summer Fall
COM101 or
Communicating Across Contexts or
Communicating Across Contexts (Enriched)
INM100 Design Principles I  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM101 Interactive Media Tools  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM102 Digital Photography  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM110 Interactive Media Business I  Online  Online  Online
INM120 Introduction to Adaptive Web Design  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM155 Sound I  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
PSY204 Perception and Communication  Online  Online  Online

Semester 2

Course Code Course Name Winter Summer Fall
INM200 Design Principles II  Online  Online  Online
INM201 Interactive Media Tools II  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM202 Animation and VFX I  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM210 Int. Media Business II:Research and Planning  Hybrid  Hybrid  Hybrid
INM220 Web Development I  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM255 Video I  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
plus: General Education Course (1)

Semester 3

Course Code Course Name Winter Summer Fall
INM300 User Experience Design I  Flexible  Online  Flexible
INM302 Animation and VFX II - Gaming and Motion Graphics  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM310 Media Business III - Campaign Development and Strategy  Hybrid  Hybrid  Hybrid
INM320 Web Development II  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
INM330 Introduction to 3D  Online  Online  Online
INM350 Video II  Flexible  Flexible  Flexible
plus: General Education Course (1)

Semester 4

Course Code Course Name Winter Summer Fall
INM400 UX and Interaction Design  Online  Online  Not offered
INM405 Design and Development for Immersive Technologies  Flexible  Flexible  Not offered
INM410 Interactive Project Management  Hybrid  Hybrid  Not offered
INM415 Career Planning  Online  Online  Not offered
INM420 Development and Emerging Technologies  Flexible  Flexible  Not offered
INM425 Field Placement Preparation  Online  Flexible  Not offered
INM450 Advanced VFX and Motion Graphics  Flexible  Hybrid  Not offered
plus: General Education Course (1)