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Broadcasting - Television (Joint Seneca/York)

Program Learning Outcomes

This Seneca program has been validated by the Credential Validation Service as an Ontario College Credential as required by the Ministry of Colleges and Universities.

As a graduate, you will be prepared to reliably demonstrate the ability to:

  • Operate industry standard production equipment, in studio and on location, to create television, video and/or web content for multiple platforms.
  • Deliver television, video and digital or web content via multiple platforms in formats that meet current broadcast industry standards.
  • Participate in the planning and preparation of television, mobile and/or Web productions that meet industry standards and regulations.
  • Monitor and maintain the technical quality of productions during recording and broadcasts using resources, equipment and protocols which meet with industry standards.
  • Participate in marketing activities to promote independent productions and/or a station’s brand and products.
  • Plan and prepare interviews, scripts and reporting content for use in television, video or digital media productions.
  • Use business skills and accepted industry practices in the creation of television, video and/or web productions.
  • Keep current with the needs of the television and digital media broadcast industry using strategies that enhance work performance and guide professional development.
  • Conduct work safely in accordance with all applicable acts, regulations, legislation, and codes to ensure personal and public safety.
  • Use a variety of post-production skills and techniques to enhance and complete television, digital, web and/or video productions.