Credential Awarded


This is a suggested schedule for the microcredential.

1-1 Using FTP

  • Install a VPN for accessing content on a server
  • Use WinSCP to interact with a remote FTP server

1-2 Introduction to Python

  • Install Python 3 and learn the basics of creating scripts
  • Learn how to use print() to print messages to standard output
  • Learn how to get user input using input()
  • Learn how to do simple math
  • Learn the basics of data types in Python

2-1 OCR Tools

  • Learn about Optical Character Recognition
  • Explore the capabilities of open-source tools
  • Understand the process of converting an image to text
  • Encode text into a PDF
  • Learn about some of the commercial solutions that exist

2-2 Introduction to Python II

  • Learn about Conditional programming using if statements
  • Learn about Iterative programming using for loops

3-1 Graphical User Interface Automation With AutoHotKey

  • Use AutoHotKey to send a series of characters
  • Use hotstrings to replace a series of characters with another
  • Use hotkeys to perform a variety of actions
  • Use AutoHotKey to perform mouse actions
  • Automate an Interaction with a GUI

3-2 Introduction to OCR Using A Command Line Interface

  • Use Tesseract-OCR to convert documents from the Command Prompt
  • Compare Command Line Interfaces with Graphical User Interfaces

4-1 Automating Process Calls and File Operations with Python

  • Call CLI commands from inside a Python script using the subprocess module
  • Use the os module to get a list of files in a directory

4-2 Python File Management

  • Use the shutil module to modify files
  • Use your knowledge to create and organize your output directory

5-1 The Cloud

  • Compare modern-day cloud solutions to FTP
  • Learn about permission and automation using OneDrive
  • Upload and share course work with the instructor