6 Months
Credential Awarded

Your learning will begin with an online introductory course that exposes you to the film and television industry. Upon successful completion of this course, your learning will continue in the production or post-production stream you select during the application phase. The online introductory course and each module in the production and post-production streams will earn you a microcredential.

Introduction to the Film and Television Industry

Experience this exciting microcredential to launch your journey into the film and television industry. Learn how to communicate effectively with the different roles in a crew and on a set. Discover the different standards and formats of video and take a trip through the historical theories that have shaped our sets and screens over the last century. This microcredential will set the stage for a dynamic, ever-changing, future career in film and television.

Choose your specialization:

Stream 1: Production


  1. Assistant Grip (15 hours)
  2. Gear Prep (15 hours)
  3. Junior Production Sound Assistant (30 hours)
  4. Transportation Services Assistant (20 hours)
  5. Production Logistics Assistant/Assistant Production Organizer (20 hours)

Stream 2: Post-Production


  1. Junior Digital Media Technician (24 hours)
  2. Junior Assistant Editor (38 hours)
  3. Junior Assistant Audio Editor (38 hours)