4 Weeks
Credential Awarded


Session 1: Introduction to Self-Care, Self-Regulation and Grounding Tools (synchronous*)

Improve your ability to self-regulate through the use of grounding tools including conscious breathing, muscle relaxation, visualization, mindfulness, self-reflection and self-soothing.


Session 2: Health Promotion Tools (synchronous/asynchronous)

Improve your physical, mental and emotional health through the use of health promotion tools including nutrition, nature walks, yoga, stretching, micro exercises, meditation and laughter. 


Session 3: Reframing and Self-Management Tools (synchronous/asynchronous)

Enhance your self-management skills through a range of reframing tools including thought work, cognitive reappraisal, distress tolerance, resetting intentions and gratitude. 


Session 4: Boundaries and Communication Tools (synchronous/asynchronous)

Establish boundaries in your workplace using techniques such as empathic assertions and productive debriefing.

*The program will be offered online using synchronous and asynchronous modalities.  Foundational material will be provided to learners to view at the beginning of the week. The expectation is that tools will be practiced during the week and the synchronous portion of the class will be utilized for deeper processing and application.