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Home School Applicants

Seneca welcomes applications from home-schooled students. Please apply through (OCAS), then complete Seneca’s Supplementary Application Form for Home-Schooled Applicants.

The supplementary application form showcases the applicant’s academic achievement. Applicants should include as much information as possible about the courses they completed through homeschooling. Applicants may include an overview of the curriculum used in home-based education such as textbooks used, learning objectives, grading scale, detailed course descriptions and grades given (either as a percentage or a letter grade). Applicants may be asked to write an English or mathematics pre-admission test if we are unable to determine equivalencies.

Some Seneca programs have additional admission requirements. Applicants will receive detailed information by mail and email on how to complete those. If a program is highly-competitive – if there are more qualified applicants than seats in the program – applicants are ranked based on academic performance and additional requirements. Grades determined to be the equivalent of the Ontario secondary school curriculum will be treated at par in the ranking. This is at the discretion of the college.