Apply to Seneca

Visit our program pages to explore more than 180 full-time programs at Seneca. When you are ready to apply, use the guide below.

Step 1

Visit (OCAS) and start your application by creating an account. With your $95 application, you can choose up to five programs at any of the 24 Ontario colleges, and up to three programs at Seneca.  

Shortcut: Select the “Apply Now - Canadian Applicants” button on any Seneca program page to create an OCAS account, and apply directly to that program. You can add more choices later by logging into your account at OCAS.


Step 2

We will receive and acknowledge your application by email about 24 hours after you apply. We will send you your Seneca Student ID and information about how to set up your Seneca online services.

  • Follow the status of your application in your Seneca online Student Home.
  • Watch for important emails and letters from Seneca Admissions that provide specific instructions and tasks that you must complete to qualify for your program.
  • If you are asked to submit your transcripts, attend the pre-admission test, submit your portfolios or complete writing samples online, please ensure to follow up as quickly as possible.
  • If you have questions at any time, email or call us at 416.493.4144.

Step 3

If you are a successful applicant, we will notify you of your Offer of Admission by mail and email. You will also see your offer in your OCAS account. To hold a seat in your program, you must confirm your Offer of Admission at OCAS by the due date noted on your Offer of Admission letter. 


Step 4

Once you confirm your offer, you will receive information about your fees, including a deadline to pay the $500 non-refundable tuition deposit. To be guaranteed a seat, you must pay your deposit by the deadline.

Academic Upgrading

If you do not meet requirements for your program, we may recommend upgrading options such as Seneca Academic Upgrading the Seneca English for Academic Purposes (GEA) program, Seneca Part-time studies or adult learning through a school board.


Conditional Offers of Admission

You may receive a Conditional Offer of Admission if your final grades for the required programs and courses are not available the time the Offer of Admission is released. You must complete the conditions listed in your Offer of Admission before the first day of scheduled classes.


Alternative Program Recommendations

If your chosen program is full or if you do not meet the admission requirements for your chosen program, we may suggest an “alternative” related program. Watch for emails from Seneca Admissions with alternative choice suggestions.

Note: If you choose to confirm another program, you will not lose your place from the waitlist.


When there are more qualified applicants than seats available in a program, admission is offered to the top-ranked applicants according to the grades in required courses, additional admission requirements and the date of application. Other qualified applicants are placed on a waitlist and will be contacted should a seat become available.

Note: If you choose to confirm another program, you will not lose your place from the waitlist.