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Transferring to Seneca

If you have completed or partially completed a postsecondary credential at Seneca or another institution, you may be eligible for a graduate certificate program, a pathway to a Seneca diploma or degree, advanced entry or block transfer to an upper semester of a program, or course-for-course transfer credits.

Start by exploring your pathways and transfer opportunities between Ontario postsecondary schools and Seneca at

Graduate Certificates

A graduate certificate from Seneca is the ideal choice for postsecondary graduates who want more career-focused education and industry experience. For professionals, a graduate certificate can lead to career advancement or provide a pathway to a new career in just one year. Many of our graduate certificates feature a work component that enables you to hone your skills in your chosen field and make important contacts before you graduate.

Current Seneca students interested in a graduate certificate should visit the Admissions office at Newnham Campus for information on how to apply.

Seneca Alumni and graduates of other institutions can apply at (OCAS).

Pathway Agreements

Seneca pathway agreements are formal arrangements for transferring between programs. They include block transfers into a higher semester of a diploma or degree program for students who have completed a related program. Visit the website or review Seneca’s online Degree Transfer Guide for further information.

Current Seneca students transferring to a degree should visit the Admissions office at Newnham Campus for information on how to apply.

Seneca Alumni and graduates of other institutions can apply at OCAS. When you add your program choice, select Advanced Entry or Degree Completion as your entry semester. You will need to add details about your previous education in the Education area of your application and submit transcripts if you are transferring from another college. Seneca Alumni do not need to request transcripts.

An adviser or member of the program academic team will review your request and if you meet the requirements for a pathway agreement, you will be offered admission to a higher level. The level will be noted in your offer.

Advanced Entry with no Pathway Agreement

If you have completed one or more semesters at another institution and are applying for a related Seneca program where there is no formal pathway agreement, you can use the Advanced Entry option at OCAS to indicate that you are requesting entry into a higher semester.

After you apply, please submit an application for transfer credit to the Degree and Credit Transfer Office. Based on how much transfer credit you receive, you may be placed in an advanced semester or you may be admitted to Level One of the program. Your start level will be noted in your offer. Advanced entry to a higher semester of a program when there is no formal pathway agreement is given at the discretion of the college.

Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits are granted for courses taken at another accredited postsecondary institution which are deemed as equivalent to a course at Seneca. If you have a college or university level course that is similar to a Seneca course, you may be eligible to apply for Transfer Credit at Seneca.