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2018/2019 Academic Year

Fee Policy: English Language Institute

Canadian Residents, Permanent Residents, Diplomatic Visa Students

A. Tuition Fees

The schedule of fees described in this section applies to Canadian citizens; persons lawfully admitted to Canada for purposes of permanent residence; and international students on diplomatic or other visa categories excluded from international fees.

Tuition fees are established by the Seneca College Board of Governors and administered by the Registrar's Office.

Tuition and mandatory ancillary fees for a full-time student are: $7760.00 per academic year (2 semesters)

Canadian citizens; Permanent Residents; and Diplomatic Visa Students:

Fees Per Semester
Tuition $3880.00
Seneca Student Federation $56.50
Student Athletic Association $50.60
Student Life $5.00
Student Bursary Levy $3.00
SSF Build Fund $50.00
Student Support $30.00
Student Sport Build $50.00
Technology Fee $120.00
Health & Wellness $5.00
Total $4250.10
Fees Per Module
Tuition $1940.00
Seneca Student Federation $28.25
Student Athletic Association $25.30
Student Life $2.50
Student Bursary Levy $1.50
SSF Build Fund $25.00
Student Support $15.00
Student Sport Build $25.00
Technology Fee $60.00
Health & Wellness $2.50
Total $2125.05
  1. A full-time student registered in the English Language Institute is defined as one who is registered in 80% (i.e. 4 out of 5 courses) or more of the regularly assigned semester courses of a day program and/or 80% or more of the regularly assigned student contact hours of a day program.
  2. A part-time student is defined as one who is registered in less than 80% of the regularly assigned semester courses of the English Language Institute program. If the course load drops below 80% within the first ten days of scheduled classes, fees will be prorated at $776.00 per course for a standard 10-course program. Part-time students may be accommodated only after all full-time students have been registered.
  3. Standard tuition fees are charged for standard programs. Should a student take more than the normal number of courses (as defined in the calendar) in a particular semester for any reason, an additional fee will be assessed at the regular rate for the extra course. This includes situations where student programs have been altered to provide for remedial or developmental studies, or where a student is granted approval by the Institute to enrol in an extra course.
  4. If a student chooses to register in Faculty of Continuing Education (FCE or Evening) and/or part-time Individualized Learning semester courses, the regular fee rate published by those divisions applies.

B. Other Fees

Tuition-related incidental fees are charged in addition to the standard tuition fee. These fees are mandatory and are non-refundable.

Academic Appeals

Students who launch a formal academic appeal are required to pay a non-refundable $25.00 fee for each level of appeal. The fee covers all matters under appeal.

Health and Wellness Fee

A Health and Wellness Fee is charged at the rate of $5.00 per semester. This fee will fund necessary programmatic resources to implement broad-based health education initiatives across the College.

Insurance Fee

Students are expected to have their own Canadian insurance.

Late Fees

Should a student be permitted to pay fees after the dates specified by the college (see section C), a $150.00 late payment fee will be assessed for each infraction. Students who do not register on the dates assigned by the college will pay a $100.00 late registration fee for each infraction.

Late Testing Fee

Tests given on the published date are free of charge to new Seneca students. There is a late testing fee of $55.00.

Official Transcript Fee

There is a charge of $10.00 plus $1.30 (H.S.T) per transcript.

Parking Charges

Limited parking space is available at the College and parking charges are assessed on a daily basis.

Seneca Student Federation (SSF) Fee

A $56.50 Seneca Student Federation fee is collected each semester on behalf of the student government.

Student Athletic Association Fee

A $50.60 fee is collected each semester on behalf of the Student Athletic Association.

Student Life Fee

A $5.00 Student Life fee is charged each semester to students as a contribution to student life activities and resources provided by the Student Services Department, including but not limited to, Orientation, Student Leadership Program, workshops, seminars and special events that are held throughout the academic year.

SSF Student Build Fund

The Student Build Fund is charged each semester to support the building and renovations of the Newnham Student Centre and future builds of student space at Markham and King.

  • Newnham: $50.00

Student Bursary Levy

A $3.00 fee is charged each semester.

Student Support Fee

A $30.00 Student Support Fee is charged each semester to cover the cost of the initial photo I.D. card; attendance letters; timetables; and tutoring services in the Learning Centres.

Student Sport Build Fee

A Student Sport Build Fee is charged each semester to support sport buildings/renovations at all campuses.

  • Newnham: $50.00

Supplemental Examinations

The supplemental examination fee is $15.00 and is non-refundable.

Technology Fee

A $120.00 Technology Fee is charged each semester to all students. The fee provides for software licensing, student electronic mail accounts, Internet access, dial-in service to the College and other technology-based resources.

C. Fee Payment Dates

Full fees (tuition, student council, student activity, student building, student services and technology fees) are payable on an academic year basis. The due dates for 2018-2019 academic year fees are:

Terms Due Date
Fall June 15, 2018
Winter Nov. 9, 2018
Summer Mar. 8, 2019

Fees must be paid according to the schedule in order to reserve your place in class and to avoid payment of late fees. Late fees will be levied if payment is accepted by the College after the due dates.

New students who do not pay fees will have their place in class cancelled automatically and without further notice. Students whose fees are received by the College after the specified date will be placed on a Waiting List, pending availability of space in the program.

Returning students who do not pay full fees by the date specified will be charged the applicable late fees. Timetables will not be released to students who have not paid fees.

Seneca College transcripts and certificates/diplomas will be withheld for all students until outstanding fees/fines have been paid.

D. Accepted Methods of Payment

All fees must be made payable to Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology in Canadian currency. Payment must be made in the form of certified cheque, money order, bank draft, Visa, American Express or MasterCard. Uncertified cheques are not acceptable and will be returned. Additional information is available on the Fee Payments page.

E. Refund of Fees

Students are eligible for a refund of semester tuition (partial); student council; Senecentre maintenance; student building; student services; and technology fees in the following circumstances:

  1. The student withdraws from a college program before the 10th day of scheduled classes and so notifies the Office of the Registrar, in writing, during this time period. The last day on which students may qualify for a refund of semester fees is according to the Important Academic Dates. A $500.00 tuition fee deposit for full time students will be retained by the College. If eligible, refunds will be processed within six weeks of receipt of the official letter of withdrawal.
  2. A full-time student reduces his/her program of study to part-time status within the first ten days of scheduled classes. The refund and the part-time fee rates apply only if the Office of the Registrar is notified in writing of the change, before the 10th day of scheduled classes for the semester.
  3. Withdrawal After the 10th Day of Classes:
    Students who register at Seneca College are considered to have purchased a seat in the program. Should the student withdraw (in writing) by the 10th day of scheduled classes, the seat will be offered to a student on our waiting list
    In the event the student withdraws after the 10th day of scheduled classes, the College can no longer offer the place to someone else due to the amount of class time missed at that point. As a result, there is no refund of any kind for the semester in question. If the fees have not yet been paid in full, the student will be required to pay any outstanding balance on the student account for the semester. Collection agencies will be engaged if required.
  4. Students who submit formal notification of withdrawal from a program of instruction at Seneca College after 10 business days will receive a refund in full of any fees paid in advance for subsequent semesters.

F. Notice of Change Fees

Unless indicated otherwise, all fees noted in this Fee Policy are effective for the academic year beginning September 1st, 2018, and are subject to change. The College will make every effort to provide students with as much advance notice as possible when College fees change.

G. Appeal - Tuition Fees

Students should direct letters appealing tuition fee assessment to the Registrar's Office.