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Ancillary Fees

Essential Fees

Student Achievement and Records – Convocation

Student Account Description: Convocation

Fee: $50

Convocation is a time to celebrate the achievement and success of graduates, and this fee is charged for administrative duties involved in processing documents of student achievement and supporting convocation events.

Charged once during the first term in a program of study.


Student ID cards – OneCard

Student Account Description: OneCard

Fee: $5

The OneCard is the official Seneca identification card used to access multiple services on campus, and this fee is charged for the cost of issuing the card.

Charged once during the first term of study.


Academic Support – Learning Centre

Student Account Description: Learning Centre

Fee: $25

The Learning Centre supports the development of foundational skills such as writing, math and study skills, as well as peer-to-peer academic support and group sessions that promote independent learning strategies and course content reinforcement. This fee supports the learning developmental work of the Learning Centre.

Charged each term.


Academic Support – Academic Technology

Student Account Description: Academic Technology

Fee: $125

This fee ensures that students are provided with the most recent and necessary technology tools to acquire digital literacy and learn soft and hard skills that prepare them to enter the workforce. It supports student study activities in technology-enabled, active-learning classrooms, and provides them with anytime, anywhere access to academic software, hybrid- and remote-learning capabilities, and much more. It also covers the implementation of tools and services that are beyond the basic information technology infrastructure required to operate academic services and computing and learning services.  

Charged each term.



Health and Dental Plan (Domestic Students)

Student Account Description: Dom Health and Dental

Fee: $115.93

The health and dental plan is administered by the Seneca Student Federation to provide accident, illness, dental and extended health coverage, and supports a student assistance program.

Students may opt out of the Health and Dental Plan by providing proof of pre-existing coverage.

Charged each term.



Health Insurance (International Students)

Student Account Description: Intl Health Insurance

Fee: $807.49

The Health Insurance fee is a mandatory fee for international students to provide alternative coverage for the Provincial Health Insurance plan. This health insurance includes a student assistance program, hospital and doctor services in Ontario, diagnostic laboratory and X-ray services, eye examinations, emergency services and medically necessary dental care in hospital. The plan provides for doctor’s services and hospital ward accommodation, including prescribed drugs and paramedical services such as those of a physiotherapist, psychologist and more.

Charged annually from Sep. 1 to Aug. 31.



Health and Counselling – Health and Wellness

Student Account Description: Health and Wellness

Fee: $5

Health and wellness are important factors in daily lives, and this fee supports wellness programs and extended hours of care at the Seneca Medical Centre.

Charged once per term.



Athletics and Recreation

Student Account Description: Athletics and Recreation

Fees vary by campus

This fee supports student recreation and wellness activities, including fitness and varsity programs, sport equipment and associated services, and safe sport venues and sport leadership.

Charged once per term.



Student Buildings – Seneca Student Federation (SSF) Build

Student Account Description: SSF Build

Fees vary by campus

This fee supports the associated capital cost of buildings, and operations of spaces and facilities used to host SSF-run student activities and services at King, Newnham and Seneca@York campuses.

Charged once per term.



Student Buildings – Student Sport Build

Student Account Description: Student Sport Build

Fees vary by campus

This fee supports the purchase of major sports equipment, renovations and the building of sport venues at King, Newnham and Seneca@York campuses.

Charged once per term.



Peterborough Fees – Fleming College Athletics and Recreation Service

Student Account Description: Fleming YPQ

Fee: $140

Supports the athletics and recreational needs of Aviation students studying at Peterborough Campus to access Fleming College recreation facilities.

Charged once per term.


Optional Term Fees


Student Account Description: Alumni

Fee: $3.75

This fee supports various initiatives to help current students and alumni succeed in their educational and professional lives, including discounts and negotiated group rates with insurance, travel and entertainment providers.

Optional charge once per term.



Seneca Student Federation (SSF) Membership

Student Account Description: SSF

Fees vary by campus

The Seneca Student Federation (SSF) provides services, resources, discounts and activities that benefit and meet the needs of Seneca students in a fiscally responsible manner within a learning environment. From on-campus programs to off-campus trips and activities, the SSF strives to make student life better, primarily through advocating for student rights.

Optional charge once per term.



Student Bursary Levy

Student Account Description: Student Bursary Levy

Fee: $3

This fee has supported thousands of international and domestic students in financial need and has made a significant difference in their lives. This is an endowed fund that provides bursaries for students who have demonstrated financial need. 

Optional charge once per term.


Student Life

Student Account Description: Student Life

Fee: $5

This fee supports student life on campus, and includes leadership opportunities, orientation activities, and in-person and online workshops designed to help students succeed.

Optional charge once per term.