Graduation Application

If you have completed all program requirements, please complete a request to graduate form.

If the "Name to Appear on Degree, Diploma or Certificate" is different from the name on your student account, please also complete an Address Change Form or Name Change Form and submit this form along with the Graduation Application Form. Changes to names require formal documentation, which must include photo identification along with a document from the Government of Canada, and must be included with the Address Change Form or Name Change Form.

You can monitor your graduation status in Student Home.

Please follow the instructions below to apply for a graduation.


1. Download the Form

Download the Graduation Application (PDF) form.

Note: You require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this document.


2. Complete the Form

Fill in the form electronically using the boxes provided.


3. Submit the Completed Form

Email the completed form to using a valid Seneca email account.