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How to apply for scholarships and bursaries

Scholarships and Bursaries

The application for Seneca scholarships, awards and bursaries is now open. The deadline to apply is February 15, 2019. Please ensure you complete the application before the deadline. If you completed a 2018 application before September 1, 2018 please go back into your application to see if you are eligible for additional awards or bursaries as more have been opened.

First Generation Bursary, Indigenous Student Bursary and the Metis Nation of Ontario Bursary will open in November. Please check this page at the end of October for dates.

The date for Leadership awards has not been set. These awards will likely open in January. We will update this page once we have the dates.


How to Apply

For all awards:

  1. Go to (log in required)
  2. Go to College Services, click on Student Centre (log in required)
  3. Go to Finances, Click on Apply for Financial Aid
  4. Select Academic Year: 2019
  5. Fill out all required information
  6. Select terms of study (FALL and/or WINTER and/or SUMMER) complete the budget.
  7. Click Submit – Please note once you click submit you cannot make changes.  Please ensure you have your budget information before you start this section.
  8. Select awards from the list of Eligible Awards
  9. A number of questions will appear and are linked to the awards you have selected. If the question is not applicable to you please type N/A or unselect the award. There is a 500 character limit (not word limit) on the questions. You can copy the questions and come back to the application when you are ready, as long as it is before the application deadline. If you wish you can write the answers in a word document then copy and paste them onto the application. This will help ensure you have the right number of characters and will enable you to check your grammar and spelling.
  10. Click Submit when you have answered all the questions. Please note once you click submit you cannot make any changes.
  11. Track the status of your application under the View My Student Awards (link is found below Apply for Financial Aid)