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All about Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a scholarship and a bursary?

  • Scholarships are non-repayable awards given to recognize the high level of excellence a student has achieved in his/her studies.
  • Bursaries are non-repayable awards allocated on the basis of financial need and without undue emphasis on academic standing.
  • Value of scholarships and bursaries range from $50 to $1,500.

Who funds these awards?

Scholarship and bursary funds are provided by individuals and organizations, as endowments or annual donations.

Am I eligible?

All students who are registered in programs of study at Seneca College may apply. Some awards are specific in nature and are restricted to students who meet the specific donor criteria stated in the award.

How do I apply?

How are award recipients chosen?

The Seneca College Awards Committee, comprised of campus representatives from administrative, counselling and support staff, selects and approves award recipients who have applied.

How do I get my award?

You can view your awards in the Student Home under View My Student Awards. If you have been awarded a scholarship, bursary or award you will have a disbursement date. After that date a cheque will be mailed out to the current mailing address on file. A select number of awards will first be applied to outstanding fees and can be seen on your student account. Please check your student account to see if the award has been applied to your outstanding fees, if you have a credit on your account you can contact registration to request a refund.  All others do not appear on your student account, they are mailed.

Is my award taxable?

Award money is considered part of your taxable income for the year. Go to Student Home to view and print your T4A form for the year in which the award is paid.

Seneca Award for Syrian Refugees

We're pleased to announce that all the Seneca Syrian Refugee Awards have been awarded. Applications for this bursary are now closed.