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Transfer Credits

Transfer Credits are granted for courses taken at another recognized postsecondary institution which are deemed as equivalent to a course at Seneca. If you have a college or university level course that’s similar to a Seneca course, you may be eligible to apply for Transfer Credit at Seneca.

Grade requirements:

Certificate, diploma and graduate certificate programs — a minimum grade of “C” (60 per cent) is required for a course to be considered for transfer credit for most programs.

Degree programs — a minimum grade of “C+” (65 per cent) is required for a course to be considered for transfer credit for most programs.

A higher minimum grade may be required by certain programs.

Course equivalency:

Incoming courses will be evaluated on criteria such as content, learning outcomes, credit value and/or number of teaching hours. Courses may also be required to include a practical and/or lab component if required for the corresponding Seneca course.

Program specific policy:

Some programs may have additional policy requirements that restrict or limit transfer credit. These programs often must follow a set of standards outlined by an accreditation body in order to deliver a specific credential or certification.

Is your education:

  • Early August for Transfer Credit for fall term
  • Early December for Transfer Credit for winter term
  • Early April for Transfer credit for summer term

For specific deadlines on the last day to submit requests for Transfer Credit, check out our listing of important dates.

Evaluation results for applications received after the deadlines may not be processed prior to Seneca’s drop deadline.

1. Log in to Student Centre.

2. Under “Academics” select “Transfer Credit Report” from the drop-down menu.

3.  The Transfer Credit Report will show the name of the institution you are requesting to receive credit from, as well as the Seneca program to which it would apply.

Each course can receive one of three transfer credit results:

  • Granted – you have been granted a credit towards your Seneca program. The granted Seneca course will be listed under the “Equivalent Course” column.
  • Declined – you have not been granted credit
  • Pending – your course is still being evaluated for possible transfer credit

Please note the following

One incoming course may be used to grant a number of Seneca courses – DGRE COMP in the “Incoming Course” column for example has been used to grant COM101, CUL199, EAC199 and SOC199.

One or more incoming course may be used to grant one Seneca course. For example, PSYCH101 and PSYCH253 were used together to grant PSY113; and PSYCH211, PSYCH306 and PSYCH354R were used together to grant PSY114.

Drop course(s) if you receive transfer credits

If you have been granted transfer credit for a subject you are currently enrolled in, it is your responsibility to drop the course from your timetable (if the credit is granted prior to the Seneca’s drop deadline). Contact the Registration Office if you have questions about how transfer credit may affect your fees.

Academic requirements

To see how your transfer credits apply toward your graduation requirements, run an Academic Requirements Report.

The report can be run by logging into Student Centre and selecting “Academic Requirements” in the “Academics” drop-down menu.