Transfer Credits

Course Outline

Course outlines (also known as a “syllabus”) must come from the institution which delivered the course and should include the following

  • Name of institution, faculty/school and program
  • Course Code and Title
  • Course Description
  • Credit Status, including any additional requirements for credit such as successful completion of Field Placement
  • Prerequisites, including references to any documentation which details prerequisite skills and/or experience, and type and level of competencies which would be considered equivalent to the stated prerequisite; equivalencies/exclusions
  • Topic Outline; Planned schedule of topics, tests and assignments
  • Mode of Instruction
  • Prescribed Texts
  • Reference Material, both required and recommended
  • Required Supplies (if applicable)
  • Promotion Policy
  • Modes of Evaluation
  • Learning Outcomes
  • Any other information relevant to the section (e.g. hours and/or means of consultation, detailed grading schemes, any variations on the mode of delivery or textbooks, audio/videotaping as methods for learning and/or evaluation, additional learning resources/equipment, etc.)

Sample Course Outline from an Ontario University

Sample Course Outline from an Ontario College