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Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Seneca Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ARIE) supports the applied research, innovation and entrepreneurship activities at Seneca. We are here to help enable the innovation economy and community well-being by providing practical solutions to real-world challenges.

Applied Research

Our applied research program is relevant to industry, driven by faculty, and focused on students. Seneca ARIE is the single point of access for industry and/or community partners who wish to engage in economically, socially and educationally relevant collaborative, applied research projects with Seneca faculty and students. We help our partners access Seneca resources, including the expertise of highly qualified personnel (faculty, staff and students), research infrastructure, and funding opportunities, many of which are available only through collaboration with Seneca.


Through HELIX, Seneca’s on-campus incubator and entrepreneurship centre, all Seneca students, faculty and staff, along with community members, are invited to explore entrepreneurship as a career option and to advance their venture ideas to build a sustainable, scalable business. HELIX supports entrepreneurship in all sectors, with a focus on the development of innovative health and lifestyle products and services.

To learn more about HELIX and the support that exists for entrepreneurship at Seneca, click here.

    • NSERC Announces Funding to Support Life Sciences Applied Research at Seneca.
      Learn more.


If you are a faculty member interested in getting involved in Applied Research, please add your name and research interests on this short web form.


If you are an industry or community partner interested in a collaborative research project with Seneca, please complete this form (.docx) and email it to: