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Success Stories

App takes pilot training to new heights

Students from the School of Information and Communications Technology and School of Aviation worked closely with NAV CANADA to produce a proof-of-concept VFR Phraseology Training Tool. 

As part of their training, pilots must learn the Visual Flight Rules (VFR). They use a handbook to practice in-flight communications, which makes it difficult to simulate the real experience alone.

The VFR Phraseology Training tool is an interactive mobile application to help pilots practice their phraseology with air traffic control services. Built off the NAV CANADA VFR Phraseology document, this tool uses open source speech-to-text and text-to-speech libraries to allow students to practice scenarios defined in the paper version.

The prototype has been completed in both English and French on Android enabled devices and was presented at the Air Transport Association of Canada (ATAC) Annual General Meeting in November 2015. It was well received with interest from several flight schools across Canada. 

This project was funded by the Innovation Enhancement (IE) grant obtained though NSERC College and Community Innovation (CCI) program.

Project Partner: NAV CANADA

Sector: Aviation - Air Traffic Control