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Success Stories

Lasers pave the way in fashion innovation

Seneca’s School of Fashion collaborated with Trotec Laser Canada Inc. to explore applications for laser etching in fashion apparel and accessories production.

Trotec is a world leader in laser manufacturing, but their expertise of the apparel sector was limited. They were interested in developing new uses for their laser hardware to promote the flexibility of their machines and appeal to the apparel sector. To make this research possible Trotec turned to Seneca College, lending them the Speedy 300 one of its most powerful lasers.

Professors Heung and Dobric and Seneca student researchers worked closely conducting experiments with different materials, patterns and combinations. Students used this information to create guidelines forecasting the cost of producing specific designs and the effects of using the laser etcher. The data was extremely useful to Trotec, its potential clients, Seneca Fashion and producers of small, niche market-based fashion designs.

Seneca’s research team also made prototypes of garments and accessories using the Speedy 300, some of which now belong to the School of Fashion as examples of innovative student research. Trotec’s Speedy 300 proved to be more than just a manufacturing tool, but a research tool in its own right.

The project was funded by the Faculty Led Research Initiative (FLRI) through Applied Research and Innovation at Seneca.

Project Partner: Trotec Laser Canada, Inc.

Sector: Manufacturing