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Applied Research Projects


Our projects involve research activities for a wide range of sectors including Aviation, Animation, Applied Health and Life Sciences, Environmental Technologies, Financial Services, Information and Communications Technologies, and Advanced Manufacturing.

Many of these projects are funded by federal and provincial agencies including the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC), the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev), Heritage Canada, as well as contributions from our many public and private partners.


Innovation through Simulation: Enhancing Canada’s Next Generation of Pilots
Over the past two decades simulation has gained acceptance as a viable and valuable tool for flight training. Through the Bachelor of Aviation Technology, Seneca is investigating various aspects of the use of simulation to improve flight training.

Applied Health and Life Sciences

Tertec Enterprises Inc.
Seneca College is collaborating with Tertec Enterprises Inc. to pilot its Mon Ami system – an innovation designed to enhance the quality of life for seniors. This project provides critical user feedback to optimize the commercialization of the product as a remote support system for organizations that provide home assistance and their clients.


Aerobic Bioreactor Landfill Technology Research
Seneca environmental research is investigating aerobic landfill technology, which injects oxygen and moisture into a landfill site to speed up the decomposition process of waste, potentially prolonging each site’s lifespan. The work is part of an ongoing applied research study in solid waste management that focuses on the testing, validation and optimization of aerobic bioreactor landfill technology for potential commercialization in Ontario and Canada.

Nedlaw Living Walls Inc.
Nedlaw Living Wall biofiltration systems use beneficial microbes and plants to produce high quality indoor air in an energy-efficient, effective and aesthetic manner. This project is determining the viability of biofiltration living walls in the residential market.


Financial Services/Business

P. Shore & Associates Inc.
P. Shore & Associates Inc.’s project with Seneca is developing and marketing an employee-focused financial planning program to business leaders and governments that wish to provide this benefit to their staff. 

Williams McGuire AML Inc.
Williams McGuire AML Inc. and Seneca College are collaborating to develop a descriptive and predictive database that is expected to be employed by financial institutions as a tool to aid in the prevention,detection and deterrence of financial crimes and commercialized through the creation of consulting and training engagements.


Information & Communications

International Club Network Ltd. (ICN)
In order to improve ICN’s understanding, communication, and relationship with its customers, this company is drawing on the strengths of Seneca College’s School of Information and Communications Technology for marketing automation and business intelligence development. This is enabling ICN to develop marketing programs for its client base in an efficient manner and increase revenue yields.

Centre for Development of Open Technology (CDOT)

At CDOT, Seneca faculty and students are working with open source communities and industry partners to give small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a competitive edge in the web, multimedia and enterprise IT arenas.

The following are current projects:

XB Pointstream - 3D Pointstream Images for the Web
Seneca College has partnered with Arius 3D, to simplify the delivery of 3D images on the web using a highly customizable and versatile technology developed with students and faculty in the School of Information and Communications Technology.

In partnership with Mozilla, Seneca students are developing Processing.js – an open source software which enables anyone to make 2D and 3D visualizations in a web browser without plugins.

Popcorn.js and Popcorn Maker
Popcorn is a joint Seneca and Mozilla project, that makes integrating audio and video with dynamic web content easier. Popcorn has been called, “the future of web video.” Work on Popcorn Maker continues.

Paladin (3D Game Engine for the Web): Implementing the Emerging Mouse-Click Standard
Paladin is an umbrella project focused on making the web ready for video games. It has a number of sub-projects: Gladius Game Engine; Firefox Gaming APIs; Games, Experiments and Demos.

Thunderbird Customization for Enterprise Deployment
The partnership between Seneca and Bespoke I/O has yielded the Bespoke Software Deployment Service, an innovative web service that gives subscribers a way to tailor Mozilla’s Firefox to their needs. Users can customize, preload and preconfigure .MSIs that integrate cleanly with Microsoft’s site-management tools for easy company-wide deployments and controlled upgrades.

Working with Seneca faculty and student researchers, Bespoke I/O has developed a BlackBerry application that provides BlackBerry access to their bookmarks, desktop browser and web-based information, all without sacrificing corporate IT requirements for security, stability and manageability. The app is now available in the BlackBerry App store.

Fedora for ARM Architecture
At present, the ARM build farm managed by the CDOT Fedora ARM research team is simultaneously building the software packages for Fedora 15 for both the armv5tel and the armv7hl architectures.

NexJ Express Server Projects

Seneca researchers are working to support NexJ in their provision of e-Health and Enterprise Financial Tools and to participate in the NexJ open source community in a variety of ways:

• JSON Adapter
The project developed a JSON Adapter for the NexJ Express Server which improves the functionality of the server. The JSON Adapter is now an important component of the NexJ software products.

• PostgreSQL Adapter
Seneca faculty and students developed an adapter to enable NexJ Express model to interact with PostgreSQL database, thereby simplifying the process of developing enterprise applications using PostgreSQL database.

• Design and Build Adapters for Express Server

To assist NexJ in broadening its platform support, Seneca researchers will develop new adapters for the company’s Express server.

Interactive Classroom Tools for BigBlueButton
Blindside Networks and a team of Seneca College faculty and students are developing additions to BigBlueButton

Interdisciplinary Research Projects – Animation & Digital Media Arts with CDOT

Dragon Genetics Game
Bronskill is collaborating with Seneca College to build a multiplatform educational game, based on the fundamental principles of Mendelian genetics. The skill and experience of Seneca faculty and students in cross-platform and mobile game development using HTML 5 technologies,including processing.js, along with award-winning expertise in graphics and animation, provide the basis for Bronskill to deliver this next generation educational game, to be made available on the web and mobile devices.

Turtlesback Projects
Turtlesback is an interactive web portal exploring native culture – where we have been, where we are and where we are going. It includes an online game, a GPS app, as well as two interactive videos developed in collaboration with Seneca students and faculty.

Interactive E-Learning Modules for Enhanced Technology Adoption
UNIS LUMIN is working with Seneca College to design and build an e-learning prototype for enhanced technology adoption. The module will incorporate game design and interaction principles to create a high level of engagement and learning for the user.

Emerging Manufacturing Research Projects

Air Molded Plastics
Air Molded Plastics, a leader in manufacturing, has partnered with the Centre for Advanced Technologies at Seneca College to undertake two applied research initiatives: a thorough analysis of structure, flow and heat transfer using simulation software; development of an aluminum mold prototype of a scaled panel and a connector for a hot water molded modular solar panel for pool and domestic water preheating.

Argonault Corp.

Argonault’s project with the Centre for Advanced Technologies at Seneca College involves researching, proposing and engineering a tracking system to fit in and function with PWC prototype. Also, preparing engineering drawings for assembly and manufacturing of the tracking system, and performing a linear static stress analysis of specific critical parts or locations to move them closer to commercialization of Argonault’s innovative product.

Heaven Fresh Canada Inc.
Seneca College researchers are assisting Heaven Fresh Canada Inc. in the development of a digital CAD model and prototype of a “green” air purifier enclosure featuring Heaven Fresh’s Nano-technology filter.

Jana Laboratories Inc.
The objective of the collaborative project with the Centre for Advanced Technologies at Seneca College is to initiate proof of concept of a new pipeline technology including design and construction of specialized test equipment for prototype development. The new technology will improve the performance of plastic piping materials in potable water applications.

RND Ltd.
RND’s revolutionary product, Workbike, provides users with an environmentally-friendly form of exercise while performing daily chores. Seneca researchers are working to assist the company in developing its first prototype.

Siamons International (Planet People)
Seneca faculty and students are re-designing packaging for Planet People’s high performance, ecologically-sustainable cleaning solutions under the IQ brand. This project is expected to reduce the firm’s manufacturing costs and contribute to Canada’s green economy.

2011 - 2012

  • 89 - Total Number of Applied Research and Innovation Activities (Applied Research Projects, Activities, Seminars, Market Intelligence Reports)
  • 41 - Funded Applied Research Projects
  • 27 - Industry Partners engaged in projects
  • >40 Faculty engaged in projects
  • >70 Students engaged in projects
  • $2,265,377 Research monies from federal, provincial, and other grant agencies
  • 43 - Number of Competitive Intelligence and Market Intelligence Research Reports conducted by ARI staff