About Us

A Centre of Excellence

In October 2005, Seneca recognized the contributions of the Centre for Financial Services and designated it to be a Centre of Excellence. As broad general goals the designation of a Centre of Excellence brought with it the following requirements:

Financial Sustainability

A financially sustaining venture with a strong business plan that will seek out opportunities to support excellence in research, publications, conferences and product development.

Innovative Partnerships

Leads the sector by developing strategic partnerships to advance the body of knowledge through the phases of research, development, and implementation.

Intrinsic Benefits

Through its range of activities, programs, services and partnerships, generates recognizable non-monetary benefits that help Seneca move towards its strategic goals.

Policy Development

Viewed by external organizations as an essential resource that has the ability to lead, influence, shape and establish policy and standard sector practices. 

Applied Research

Based on a strong intellectual community of innovation, shared vision, research development and purpose.

Services and Programming

Respected for the quality of people, ideas, resources, services, and programming connected to the Centre which directly benefits students and other stakeholders.


To achieve Seneca’s objectives for a Centre of Excellence and meet the requirements as articulated above, the Centre for Financial Services has the following Mission, Vision, and Values Statements:

Mission Statement

Strives to be the premier source for the delivery of practical, professional development, applied research and educational solutions in financial services.

Vision Statement

Connecting talent, experience and innovation.


  • Commitment
  • Communication
  • Competence
  • Creativity
  • Integrity
  • Knowledge
  • Teamwork