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Education & Industry Working Together


The School of Accounting & Financial Services and the Centre are located at Seneca's largest campus, Newnham Campus. The Newnham campus is also home to Seneca Business and our 9,000 plus full-time students (fall 2018).

In the fall of 2002, with support from the Centre, Seneca launched Canada's first degree program in Financial Services Management. This four-year Honours Bachelor of Commerce is one of eighteen degrees currently offered by Seneca.

The model, which includes the Centre for Financial Services embedded with the School of Accounting & Financial Services, ensures that academic programs, students and faculty have access to industry expertise and cutting-edge content to ensure relevant and up-to-date curriculum. This model has supported the growth of the School's diplomas, degrees and graduate certificates programming to credentials that include instruction in subject areas such as Fintech, Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting, and Professional Accountancy.

At Seneca’s Centre for Financial Services, we work with key partners and experts to anticipate industry direction. We are committed to providing cutting-edge, cost effective and customized education, as well as specialized professional development and training to meet the needs of the changing financial services landscape.

Together with the School of Accounting & Financial Services, the Centre provides:

  • A pool of trained graduates and co-op students with education specific to financial services
  • Program content updated and integrated with the newest technologies  to meet changing job requirements in the global workplace
  • Experienced financial services educators, researchers and consultants
  • Top facilities and resources for collaborative applied research
  • A forum for financial industry partners to exchange ideas