Aviation Research Program

A leader in flight training, Seneca's School of Aviation has been awarded a $2.3-million grant by the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) - College and Community Innovation Grant Program over five years to support research in the area of Flight Training and Flight Simulation Technology.

In collaboration with industry partners and various flight training schools throughout Canada, the Seneca Aviation Research Program seeks to identify and develop new insights, tools, and technologies for improving the adoption and utilization of flight simulation technologies in the aviation industry. The knowledge, tools, and technologies developed through this research aim to significantly enhance flight simulation training practices and curriculum in North America; improve instructor competencies and evaluations in a flight simulations environment; and strengthen the community of practice in this emergent field. In doing so, the research makes a strong and pragmatic case for the adoption and acceptance of flight simulation devices and flight simulations training from both a policy and practical perspective.

Recent Events

Air Transportation Association of Canada Annual General Meeting and Tradeshow

Presentation and Focus Group sessions – Tuesday November 13 to Thursday November 15, Vancouver

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