Philip Ackerman

Philip Ackerman is a program co-ordinator for the Social Service Worker – Immigrant and Refugees program. Philip is an adult educator who, for the past several years, has been committed to working with diverse newcomer populations, focusing most of his efforts in working with newcomer youth at a Toronto-based community organization. Through Philip’s determination and approachable nature, the community organization was able to surpass its goal of engaging 50 newcomer youth in group sessions to approximately 200 in five years.

Philip has extensive years as a teacher locally and internationally, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. He is a strong advocate of access to education for newcomer and migrant youth and is currently involved in a community-driven research project to highlight the barriers that exist.

Philip completed a master's degree in Adult Education and Community Development at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and is also a graduate of the Seneca Immigrant and Refugee program.

Angie Arora

Angie Arora holds a masters of Social Work and is a registered social worker. She is an activist, educator and author in the areas of violence against women, issues affecting immigrant and refugee communities, compassion fatigue and pet loss bereavement. Angie’s experience extends to front-line practice, community development, policy work and education. She is currently a professor with Seneca’s Social Service Worker — Immigrants and Refugees program and operates her private practice, New Wave Consulting, where she supports the non-profit sector in areas of professional development, community practice initiatives and program evaluations.

Timothy Ayerst

Timothy Ayerst, a Master of Social Work, has been practising since 1976. Timothy’s career has covered a wide range of social work settings including street work, criminal justice, health and mental health, eldercare, pediatrics and hospital management. Timothy has been active with many of York Region’s social service agency foundlings and owned and operated the Aurora Counselling Clinic for more than 15 years. Timothy’s teaching experience has spanned the private college system for 16 years prior to coming to Seneca where he managed course curriculum development, field practice preparation and supportive counselling.

Kevia Kennedy

Kevin Kennedy is the program co-ordinator for Seneca’s Social Service Worker (SSW) program. Kevin has been involved in the Social Service field for more than 25 years since his graduation from Seneca’s SSW program. Prior to becoming a faculty member, Kevin worked at Blue Door Shelters in York Region where he helped to open the region’s first youth shelter and its only family shelter. During this time, Kevin volunteered as a founding steering committee member for the Ontario Social Service Workers Association and served for 10 years as a councillor for the profession’s regulatory body, the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers.

Kevin has also co-facilitated the Jamaica Program for Seneca’s Community Services Department. This annual two-week intensive community practice project takes a number of second-year students to a challenged area in Kingston, Jamaica to build relationships, assess community strengths and develop lasting and sustainable partnerships. Kevin is a Distinguished Alumni award winner and was a recipient of the Doug E Lear Award in 2014, handed out annually to the volunteer of the year for York Region.