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Documentary Filmmaking Institute (DFI)


"I was looking to develop my documentary filmmaking skills and the program seemed like a good fit. Little did I know how it would shape my life. Without the Documentary Filmmaking Institute (DFI) I wouldn’t be doing what I love now. After leaving DFI I started my own production company. We create branded content as well as video and tv production. My current business partner actually contacted me after seeing my short film. Without this connector I doubt I would have started my business with her."

Tracy H, Graduate, DFI Summer

"Participation in DFI afforded me a wonderful opportunity to hone my skills in the craft and the business of documentary filmmaking. I received excellent professional mentorship in every aspect of the process and I found the positive and encouraging learning environment highly stimulating. I have been able to translate what I learned into the creation of three long form documentaries and one short that have reached festival audiences in Canada, the US, and abroad. The breadth of the DFI program and the networking opportunities it provides participants are invaluable to emerging documentary filmmakers."

Beth W M, Graduate, DFI Summer

"Sunny and her great team supported and nurtured my dream and my project. The Documentary Filmmaking program put me in a position from which I could find my own voice. Sunny Yi, her team and DFI will always have a very special place in my heart."

Eduardo J, Graduate, DFI Summer

"DFI taught me the essentials of documentary filmmaking. Throughout my 3 months of intensive sessions, Sunny and John along with industry's top-notch practitioners, helped me find my voice in story-telling and their guidance was instrumental in my decision to pursue this path. They've become my mentors ever since."

Eui Z, Graduate, DFI Summer



"I was extremely fortunate to have Sunny and John as teachers. They taught me skills that I use each and every day at work. The variety of classes and teachers in the Documentary Filmmaking Institute (DFI) encompassed every aspect of the documentary film process and allowed me to tackle anything that has come my way at VICE. John and Sunny are amazing teachers and I would recommend this course to anyone who has a desire to get into the documentary film making world."

Andy R, Graduate, DFI Grad Cert

"From the pre-production to the post-production, I have learnt how to produce a real documentary step-by-step. I have learnt all kinds of skills in pre-production, cinematography, editing and sound mixing etc. Right after I graduated, I was offered a dream job travelling all across Europe with a film crew from the biggest TV network in China. As an international student, Seneca’s Documentary Filmmaking Institute (DFI) was not only a place helping me to achieve my dream, but also was a big warm family for me."

Niko G, Graduate, DFI Grad Cert