Seneca has been a leader in early childhood education for more than 50 years. Our programs offer you an array of certifications ranging from one-year certificates to four-year degrees. Each program provides you with the theory and practical applications to understand and effectively guide child development. As a graduate from any one of our programs, you will be prepared to work within the health, social service and early education sectors on a variety of levels.





Field Placement

Field placement will provide you the opportunity to practice what you learn. You will:

  • plan, implement and evaluate play-based, inclusive, emergent curriculum experiences for children corresponding with the theories taught in class.
  • study and practice the early childhood educator’s role as a facilitator.
  • utilize inclusive child guidance techniques that support, nurture and respect children’s individuality.
  • develop skills in planning, implementing and evaluating safe and diverse programming for individuals and small groups of children.
  • spend time reflecting and examining issues related to the field placement experience.
  • demonstrate course learning outcomes during field placements. 

To comply with the requirements of field placement organizations, you must have these documents prior to the start of each term:

  • Vulnerable Sector Police Record Check (no older than six months)
  • Medical form (no older than one year)
  • Standard First Aid and CPR-C
  • Ministry of Labour – Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training
  • Student-signed WSIB Student Declaration Letter Regarding Unpaid Placement
  • Student-signed Student Consent Forms and Freedom of Information

To prepare for this, you will be invited to attend a Field Placement Orientation three months before each semester.


International Field Placement

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, international field placements are not currently being offered.

As a Seneca ECE student, you will have the opportunity in your final year of studies to complete your field placement course, for credit, in approved early childhood settings all over the world.  Past placements have included one-month positions in Australia, Uganda, United States, England, Hong Kong, Pakistan and the Caymen Islands. Students who travel to these placements, after completing in-class courses, have found the experience to be life-changing, both academically and personally.

By participating in Seneca’s International Field Placement program you can:

  • Earn a Field Placement credit with Seneca in your fourth semester. 

  • Enjoy a unique cultural experience in a safe environment

  • Gain real-world experience in other countries I.E. Hong Kong, England, Japan and Australia

  • Have an opportunity to work abroad after graduation