Visitor Testimonial

Thank you for the amazing opportunity to visit your school and learn about and experience your journey striving to provide Reggio-Inspired learning opportunities for your children. We wanted to send you a bit of Saskatchewan as a thank you.

- RECE visitor


Amazing space! I completely enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion you all put into your classrooms. You have shown us that when we remove the constrictions of a classroom, the possibilities are absolutely endless. Thank you for inspiring me to continue to add to our classrooms. Keep inspiring!

- Donny, RECE visitor


Thank you for welcoming Algonquin College, Perth Campus ECE Students into your space and sharing with us your knowledge and ideas for Pedagogical Documentation as well as “the view of the child”. But most of all, we thank you for opening your hearts to us by sharing your passion with us!  

- Algonquin College ECE Students


I loved looking through all the rooms. They are so inviting and has given me many ideas for my classroom. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and answering all our questions! This space is a three-dimensional representation of “How does learning happen”

- Program Adviser Ministry of Education


This actually reminded me of experiences I had in the past when I was a child a friend of mine and I were doing finger painting on paper. I love the texture of the paints and did it with no expectation of a final product. Furthermore, I remember how much time we spent with the paint and that we painted without hesitation. This is surely one of my most valuable memories

- Kenji, RECE


There is also the challenge of educators understanding the complex relationship of materials, environments, time, interactions and space. I so was in awe of the way this program has been able to demonstrate the interwovenness of these ideas in their work with children, families and each other. –

Reflecting on drops of change. I am thankful to have seen their work.

- Kathy Boelsma, Student of Algonquin College

Family Testimonial

We cannot thank you enough for the amount of work, love and thought that you put into this wonderful portfolio for our family. It outlines all of the hard work and learning that our little man did over the past year. It means the world to us as parents to know that our son was cared for on a level that you can only hope for when leaving your children in other people’s hands. It is so evident by his growth and this wonderful book outlining his journey, that teaching takes place at every opportunity of the day in the Toddler room. You have all been nothing but professional and compassionate while acknowledging and validating the fears and worries that parent’s face on a daily basis. Thank you again for everything you have done for our family!

- Andrew, Marnie and Harrison


As L’s Mum, I am speechless. Speechless because I am in awe – I am amazed at how much the Lab school staff strives to make our children’s day so special. L spends hours of his day, sometimes 9 hours, here at the lab school and while I’m at work I’m at ease knowing he’s thriving, he’s so happy, he’s busy exploring What can I say about exploring? So much – His vocabulary has increased since he started the lab school. These posters/pictures are awesome, please keep them coming. I can’t get enough of them – every morning, every evening, when I pass by I smile. Thank you for being there for L. You have all impacted (in one way or another) my 3-year-old in a way that I will never be able to put in words.

– Lia’s Mom

My child has learned so much over the past year, and you all have had a lot to do with that we’d like to take this opportunity and thank you all for everything you have done for him you have all been a very important part of his life. He had made some wonderful friends and has had some really great experiences while in your care. You are all fantastic people and even better teachers we wish you all the best for a wonderful new year we will miss you all so much.

– Parent


I am always amazed at how much my son is learning and at the number of activities that the lab school staff engages with the children every day. All the exploration and observations that the children witness to and learn from: the care and the love that is given to the children every day make me feel blessed to have my son in this daycare and I honestly have no words to express my gratitude I simply say thank you to all staff for the time, patience and all the effort you invest in my son’s life your creativity in the school gives us so much joy to witness to and the pictures you take in different moments. 



We should all have the opportunity to paint like this, like children.

- Parent

Student and Faculty Testimonial

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. The environment is incredible. I can only imagine your student’s daily experiences and adventures. I love how you include all families in all the experiences in the centre. You have made me want to strive to be a better, more engaged in the learning and wonder of all my students.

- Professor


Thank you again for spending so much time sharing with us your classrooms are so calming yet full of adventure.

- Professor


The culture created in this space is one of trust where the children are allowed the freedom to make mistakes learn and try new things without fear of judgment. It is truly beautiful.

- Michelle Walford, Student of Algonquin College


 “To live and to see how creative children are and how free of any expectation they can be was an overwhelming feeling of beauty”

– Gaby, ECE student

Thank you for the amazing experience and great opportunity that you gave me here at the Seneca Lab School. You have helped me grow as an ECE Student and I have truly learned so much from you. Thank you for your full guidance and all your support throughout my entire placement this semester. I will definitely carry on my knowledge I have gained at the Lab School and apply it to my next semester placement. Thank you once again for all your encouragement and assistance through my learning.

– Nancy Ruthmoy Student


Wow! I love the entire environment – the thoughtfulness and purposefulness of the materials and opportunities available to the children is amazing! The natural materials are so calming and relaxing and make the space wonderful to be in. I would love to spend more time with you and observe the children in action! Thank you so much!

- Shelly Gwegey Student Visitor

Lab School Alumni Voices

Day in day out, the love and affection was always there. The staff at the day care center made my childhood better than I could have wished. Any Child would be lucky to go here.

– Arion Bohzadian, Alumni (Class of 2001)


As a Child I had many amazing memories at Seneca Lab School. Being able to come back has not only been a privilege but a great experience. All the staff and students were very loving and caring just as I remember. I hope I can return in the future to this magnificent daycare that I will treasure in my heart forever.

- Emma Petrelli, Alumni


Hello my name is Jordana Badley - Castello, I came to Seneca in 1994! I was part of the 1999 graduating class and this place means so much to me. The amount of friends and memories I have from this place are priceless – and I can’t even imagine the amount of stories the ladies here have from me =) I finish my second year of French and Spanish at the University of Windsor and I’ll be studying in France this year. I also compete on the track and field at my school. Thank you for the memories and the patience.

P.S I’m going to be a teacher!!

- Jordana Badley, Alumni

Hey Seneca Daycare!! Wow! I can’t believe you wonderful ladies remember me =) I feel so blessed that you caring ladies took care of me and thank you for everything.   

- Caitlin Winnie,  Alumni


Hey my name is Jiyoon, I am now in grade 10, and I came back to visit to see the school, and it is so cool to see the picture that I drew in the washroom! Thank you for everything =) 

- Jiyoon, Alumni


Thank you Seneca for the amazing memories I made here. Kindergarten was a blast and I was excited to go here every day. My first theatre experience as the paper bay princess was here and now I am a drama major. Thank you so much and hopefully my sister will go here too. Lots of love.

- Nikol Shapiro, Alumni