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Seneca ECE Lab School

The Seneca ECE Lab School is a high-quality demonstration teaching school affiliated with Seneca’s School of Early Childhood programs. We offer the Seneca and surrounding communities with a full-time child care program for children 18-months to four years old. Our program is based on Ontario’s Pedagogy of the Early Years framework and the vision to provide high-quality care in the early years. We view children as the protagonist in their learning, and educators, students families and community members as co-learners within a respectful and inclusive environment.

We work to create an environment that honour children as capable and confident learners, and active citizens of our community. Our environments are rich with open-ended and natural materials that help spark children’s creativity, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. When the environment takes on the role of a third teacher, children take on the role of researchers and builders of theories who initiate learning experiences through exploration and investigation of materials in the company of others.

Visitor Voice

This actually reminded me of experiences I had in the past, when I was a child a friend of mine and I were doing finger painting on paper. I love the texture of the paints and did it with no expectation of a final product. Furthermore, I remember how much time we spent with the paint and that we painted without hesitation. This is surely one of my most valuable memories

Kenji, RECE Visitor

Children running on grass

Our Commitments

  • Providing high-quality care that supports the holistic development of the mind, body and spirit of individuals.
  • Imparting responsive, respectful and relationship-based care that includes facilitating and encouraging healthy and positive relations with others.
  • Cultivating a relationship and connection with and respect towards nature.
  • Supporting the field of early learning by building community partnerships that promote professional education.
  • Learning and developing an understanding of Indigenous knowledge and how they complement our work.
  • Honouring our work to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

Lab School Alumni Voice

Thank you Seneca for the amazing memories I made here. Kindergarten was a blast and I was excited to go here every day. My first theatre experience as the paper bay princess was here and now I am a drama major. Thank you so much and hopefully my sister will go here too. Lots of love

– Nikol Shapiro, Alumni

Our Values

  • The holistic, emotional, physical well-being of our community.
  • Honouring each member as a positive contributing participant.
  • Relationships with nature and all living things.
  • Indigenous knowledge and how they edify our understanding of living together in a community.
  • Listening with our hearts, our eyes, our hearts and beings.


Children from 18 months to four years of age are accepted into our programs at ECE Lab School.

Prioritized enrolment is offered to children on the waiting list if the any of the following apply:

  • children whose siblings are already enrolled in ECE Lab School.
  • Seneca students and employees have priority on the waiting list.

Family Voice

Isaac has learned so much over the past year, and you all have had a lot to do with that we’d like to take this opportunity and thank you all for everything you have done for him you have all been a very important part of his life. He had made some wonderful friends and has had some really great experiences while in your care. You are all fantastic people and even better teachers. We will miss you all so much

Shannon and Carol


To place your child on the wait list please fill out our wait list form.

Child Care Fee Subsidy

If you are living in Toronto and require subsidy, please visit Help with the Cost of Licensed Child Care.


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