Success Stories


Sue graduated in 2016 and works as a supervisor for a Violence Against Women agency that works to support women and children in having violence free lives.  

“Graduating from Seneca propelled me to success. My program not only offered in depth exploration of theories and concepts relating to supporting children and their families, I also was able to build my practical skills through my placement and co-op experiences. The combination of these skills have led me to a position in which I am supporting families as well as supervising my staff in supporting families while following the best practices I learned while at Seneca.”

Fola Balogun

"My decision to pursue ECE as a career has been greatly enhanced by the Seneca College school of Early Childhood Education. My experience is unforgettable. The knowledge I received has helped me to be focused and ever determined to face any challenge in life as well as securing a full time job while in school. I enjoy the caring, friendly environment and excellent faculty members".

Fola Balogun obtained her Early Childhood Education diploma through the Child Development Practitioner Apprenticeship program.  Since graduation, Fola has been working as an RECE in a licensed child care and has obtained a position with the Durham District School Board as an Educational Assistant.

Gabriele Brum

Gabriele Brum graduated from the ECE diploma program in 2017.  She works as an RECE in the Newnham ECE Lab School.    

"I had heard that Seneca's ECE program had a great reputation but I didn't really know what to expect when I made the decision from Brazil.  I could not have made a better choice!  Throughout the program, I felt supported by both those in the ECE program and by Seneca as a whole.  I did a 3rd semester placement at Newnham's Lab School and they hired me as an assistant during my final semester.  Now I work there as an RECE.  I love being able to contribute to the Seneca community and to help guide new students that come to our Centre!"

Emily Danziger

“The professors in the IMH program worked in the field and provided real life examples to help connect our course work to the professional practice we would experience out in the field.”

Emily works as a Child Development Worker at Mothercraft, in their Early Intervention Department, Breaking the Cycle. After completing a placement at Breaking the Cycle in the final semester of the IMH program, she was hired. Emily uses her knowledge gained from the IMH program on a daily basis when providing one on one interventions with young children or facilitating mother-child groups. Emily found that the program’s focus on mental health and parent child relationships starting in infancy was extremely relevant to the field and her every day work.

Anthonia Ikemeh

Anthonia is a graduate of Seneca's Early Childhood Education (ECE) program, currently completing her degree in Seneca's Bachelor of Child Development (BCD) program. She aspires to pursue her B.Ed after she graduates from the BCD program.

Anthonia works for the Toronto Catholic District School Board as a Designated Early Childhood Educator. She works in a Kindergarten classroom with children from diverse backgrounds and varying abilities. Anthonia prides herself in engaging children through authentic experiences that help capture children's imagination and creativity.

Anthonia was a co-presenter at the 2019 Reading For The Love Of It conference in which she shared her knowledge of inquiry-based programs, documentation strategies and play-based curriculum.

Fumiko Fujikawa

Upon completion of Seneca’s ECE diploma program, Fumiko Fujikawa returned to Japan in 2007 and began working for an international kindergarten. She then became an English teacher and implemented her newly found ECE techniques in her classes, which became a great success among students and their parents. By 2011, Fumiko opened her own school in Japan, fulfilling a long time dream.

Fumiko's school, FLAT English School, teaches the English language to children and adults. The school has also created space for Seneca ECE and BCD (Bachelor of Child Development) students to work there in field placements which happens virtually each semester.

 “I'm extremely proud of what I’ve learned through Seneca and am trying to prove that the philosophy and theory of ECE, ‘Learning Through Play’ is the best way for children to learn English,” says Fumiko, who also conducts workshops for educators and parents, promoting ECE and play-based learning. She inspires and influences others with her methods and is the organizer, translator and driver of these workshops and lectures.

Fumiko’s goal is to change English education in Japan.

“I love Seneca and that’s why I keep going back every year,” says Fumiko. “My whole ECE experience made me realize that I was born to be a teacher.”

Penny Siskopoulos

 “If it weren't for the ECE program at Seneca and the incredibly passionate professors, I would not understand how crucial the early years in a child’s life are. ECE helped set a solid foundation for always making sure I create a positive, motivating, safe and stimulating environment for every child I work with. So much so, that it drove me to want to work one-on-one with children with special needs - helping them improve their learning, communication and social skills. I can confidently say that I cannot picture myself doing anything other than working with young children and helping them flourish in their early years.”

Penny currently works at the Geneva Centre for Autism as an Instructor Therapist. As an Instructor therapist, she observes behaviour and provides intensive behavioural intervention in a one-on-one setting. She is responsible for preparing, delivering and presenting teaching materials for individualized programs for children with Autism; as well as monitoring the progress and effectiveness of the individual programs.

Lisa Spencer

"They encouraged me to dig deeper, question philosophies and practices, and advocate for what I believe in. Thank you, Seneca!" 

Lisa graduated from the Honours Bachelor of Child Development degree program at Seneca's King campus. She recently completed a master's degree in child and youth care at Ryerson University. For her thesis, Lisa focused on the development of autonomy for children with disabilities. She felt confident about furthering her education thanks to the professors at Seneca. "They incorporated knowledge that is relevant and current to the field, but more importantly they taught me how to think about things that were important to me," she said. Lisa now teaches part-time at Seneca and continues to advocate for disabilities and other social justice issues.